Sunday, 11 March 2012

ATM . . . & a bit of Rugby Hope ^_^

Hey you guys,

It's Sunday :((((( Work tomorrow Boo Hoo 

I'm in high spirits today though,
France are playing England in the Rugby at 2.30pm 
So i'm hoping & praying my Boys in blue kick Englands ASS . . . Big Time!!!!
(Sorry if any of you are rooting for the UK, but Each to their own hey hehe xD

Wearing my badge of honour hehe, Good old facebook for these apps hey lol
Allez Le Bleu . . .

Monday, 5 March 2012

Cobras, Mustangs & a V-max . . .

Hey you guys, i've been very very slack again, 
mucho apologies for this,
So, to cheer you up, hopefully xD
I thought i'd do a little blog about my fav cars, 

There's a V-Max chucked in for good measure too, 
my uncle's got one & it goes like a rocket, 
trust me, i've been on it . . . I like this :))))