Tuesday, 31 January 2012

City and Colour

More new music for you guys, well I say new, 
you lot might have heard of him before,
 I found Dallas Green last summer, and downloaded his third album 
straight away.

The band is called 'City in Colour' it's the recording alis for Juno award winning Canadian sing songwriter, Dallas Green, who was the guitarist and vocalist of the post hardcore band 'Alexisonfire'.He plays melodic acoustic and folk music, & is often accompanied by a roatating number of Canadian indie rock musicians, such as Daniel Romano and Spencer Burtin of 'Attack in Black'

Monday, 30 January 2012

69 Followers ^_^

Hey Hey
Just a short one today . . .
I've been a blogger since the start of January 
& have to say i like it . . . A lot hehe,
Sorry for the randomness of my posts lol, 
everything & nothing . . . but I guess that's just me ^_^ 

So You Sexy Bunch

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Music to Chillax to on a Day of Rest . . .

Hey Guys
It's that awful day of the week again, 
the only good side is that it's meant to be a day of rest, 
the down side is . . . Work tomorrow . . . BIG sad face :((((((((((

So I thought i'd do a little blog about some of my fav (What I call Chilled) musicians & their music, it's a bit different to my other posts, in the fact that it's easy listening :)))
First & Last defo hold a place in my heart hehe

Saturday, 28 January 2012

More Auto Correct Fails . . .

Ok, so, as requested, 
some more 'Epic' auto correct fails,
back by popular demand ^_^

Enjoy peeps . . . I did . . . I LOL'd so hard 
I think I pee'd a little
 hehehehe (OJ, BTW)

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Prodigy . . .

Here's another for ya . . . Just Cause ^_^

I love these guys so so much, have all their albums
& have been following them since I can remember.
The Prodigy

Stanton Warriors . . . Yeah Baby!!!!

Hey Hey Hey peeps
It's Frisky Friday, 
(Which is my music day of the week)
Home, work gear off, tunes on, whack it up & Dance like no one is watching
& for that reason, I thought I'd introduce you to the 
Stanton Warriors

RIP . . . Slacker . . .

My first post today is a little tribute to Shem McCauley aka Slacker.

The Veteran DJ-Producer passed away sadly in 
Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Auto Correct FAILS . . .

Alright Peeps
Seen a few of these earlier & thought i'd stick some up
give all you's a laugh or 2 . . . 
They proper made & my man LOL so much, I nearly choked on my pizza ^_^

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Loveage - 'Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By'

Ok, so, keeping in the music scene, i'd like to introduce you to

For those of you that haven't heard of them, check it & enjoy, again, maybe not your cup of tea, but I love them, their music & mostly the lyrics.

Just For Fun . . .

Hey You Guys ^_^
I know some of my blogs have been quite long to say the least, 
so I thought i'd do a small one :))) (well this is the first one & it's small) the next one isn't so long either hehe . . . Go Me!!!!

Ok, so my mate had this on her FB page, made me giggle, 
so I thought i'd share it :))) Come On guys
Don't be scared xD

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Electric Daisy Carnival . . . xD

Hey hey,
Just thought i'd share this beaut with you guys, not everyones cup of tea, i'll admit & although I am kind of a rock chick, this is where my heart lays, Good Times, Good Music, Great Atmosphere & Semi Naked people dancing round all night in the Desert . . . My kinda Festival xD

Let me introduce you to the

Monday, 23 January 2012

Michael Winslow

Had a better day TV wise yesterday hehe, watched Police Academy 3, which prompted me to write about the one and only . . . Michael Winslow, heard him a little while ago when he was on Radio 1 . . . Blinding he was.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kill Bill Part 2

So, i've done Part 1, now time for part 2 . . . 
Can you tell i'm having a lazy day today 
& have loads of free time hehe

Kill Bill Part 1

Hey you guys, Happy Sunday ^_^
Thought i'd do another movie since it's that day, yes,
 the end of the weekend :( & i'm having a total duvet day :)))))
The one and only
Kill Bill

Movies . . .

Today's topic is 
Movies :))))
Telly was crap again last night so,
 i stuck on a film I've not seen in ages,
The Crow

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Clint Eastwood . . . Just Cause

Wow, TV was well pants last so I watched Million Dollar Baby & Gran Torino, for the umpteenth time hehe, whick prompted me to
do a little blog about one of my all time Fav 
Actors & Directors, the legend himself 
Mr Clint Eastwood

Perhaps the icon of macho movie stars, Clint Eastwood 
has become a standard in international cinema.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Britain's Got Talent winner is off to Space . . .

Well that time is upon again people
Frisky Friday ^_^
No work til Monday and gotta say it feels great xD
On the subject of work, it was boring as F**k today, nothing to do (well, thanks to the chat I had with my fella at lunchtime, I could think of a few, but they can't be done at work hehe . . . & that my Friends, is for another time, sorry I do get somewhat distracted, 1 track mind looool ^_^) 
So I started to read the paper, came across a story & it goes something like this

Cowell Promises BGT Champ a Blast
And the winner is . . . Going into Space

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Music is my religion.

Righty Ho, let's talk about another Passion of mine
When It comes to music, i'm very versatile & I can't get enough, 
I need my Ipod on to walk to the shop down the road, 
it takes, like, 2 mins hehehe
Today i'm focusing on 'The Rock Chick' in me
I have a Very BIG love of the guitar
Here's a few of my all time Fav's, it of a mixed bag & don't know if you'd class all of them as rock, but I like them hehe
Feel free to let me know yours 
& enjoy ^_^ x

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The Proper Blog about Stargazing LIVE part 3 ^_^

Ok, so tonight was the last instalment of Stargazing :((((
They talked about some of the other planets in our Solar System
& the search for New ones . . . (Hell Yeah)

Stargazing LIVE with Prof B

Stargazing LIVE with Prof Cox - Part 2

Hey Hey all you happy people ^_^

So as you know, 
Yesterday I watched Stargazing & it was FAB, 
So naturally I had to watch it again tonight.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hey Peeps :)
Thought today i'd blog about another passion of mine . . . 
Fighting (I don't mean i go out & start fights or look for them looool) 
it's boxing, martial arts, UFC etc . . .

But First things first, I think i've managed to turn off the word verification thingy, so be some awfully good peeps & let me know will ya :))))

Ok, so now for the good stuff xD
Today's topic is . . . K1

Monday, 16 January 2012

Star Gazing with Prof Brian Cox :))

Hey you Guys, 
so, i've just watched 
Stargazing LIVE with Professor Brian Cox
& it was amazing :))))

It was on last year too, but due to it being quite cloudy we didn't really get to see a great deal :((

Tonight they spoke to Captain Eugene Cernan
who was the Commander of Apollo 17
& was the last man to walk on the moon over 40 years ago.
This man has seen and done things I can only imagine
in my wildest dreams, If I could go to space, I do it tomorrow.

Good Morning all my Lovely Peeps ^_^

It's now Monday & the weekend is over :((((
Gotta say, although it's been really cold over here (So I'm keeping everything crossed for snow) the sun has been shining bright as you like & I got some great pics which made me think of posting them,I've also put some I've taken over the past few months . . . I Love anything to do with the sky & Weather, the stormier the better in my eyes
Chucked one in of the sea, cause the beach is my fav place in the world.

Well that's me off to work now, Oh the joys of it all hehe
Catch you guys later, hope you have a great day &
Enjoy the pics ^_^

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Ok, so all the talk of Choppers yesterday had me thinking about Air Wolf, & the old 80's shows, so I thought i'd see what you guys think about the following
Just for a bit of fun:-

Air Wolf
Street Hawk 
Knight Rider

These were all around the same sort of time & I have to admit I watched all of them, did any of you watch them,
what did you think???? Do you have a fav????

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hey guys, still a bit new to this blogging lark and can never quite think of anything to blog about, so I thought this afternoon
 i'll do choppers (& I mean Helicopters) ^_^

Gotta say my all time Fav is a Chinook, closely followed by the Apache 
There's nothing quite like the sound of thumping props in the distance :)
Don't know a great deal about these, but I know that I like them
I like them a lot, probably all the war flicks
 i've watched over the years

Friday, 13 January 2012

My Tatts :)

It's Frisky Friday peeps :D 

Just thought i'd share some of my tattoos,since i'm thinking of 
getting another one, bit of an addict I am :)

'TATTOOS are one of the only things you can take to the grave
Having tattoos does not make someone a delinquent
Some people hang their art . . . We wear ours ;)'
There's still a lot of stigma about tattoos, let alone tatts on a woman.

What do you guys think about Tatts
& do you have any???

The symbols were my first tattoo
& after that I was hooked
I then had the flowers done around
the outside a couple of years later
It means Family :))

This is my dreamcatcher, 
1 of 2 of my favs :) 
I just love, 3 & a half hours 
of pain but so 
so worth it . . . 

This is the 2nd of my 2 favs,
took 4 hours all in all 
again painful but i'm loving it
totally worth it & totally addictive

This is my sons initials, 
didn't take long & 
didn't hurt at all :))

This one is the 
chinese symbol on my neck
it means strength

This was my last one, 
links my love of music
& all things native American

Thursday, 12 January 2012

My vehicle of choice when the Zombie apocalypse comes ^_^ Hands up for the XV

So, I was having a clear up on my mac
 files, videos, music, photos etc
& I came across this, totally forgot I had it, 
but had to share :) 

This Wee beauty . . . Or should I say Big Beasty is known as the Knight XV :)
Take a look below at it alongside the Hummer H2. 
Now, the H2 ain't no small car, it is in fact, quite a big motor,
but it looks tiny, miniscule, laughably petite next to the XV. 
This is big . . . Real Big

Now i'll introduce you guys 

Conquest Knight XV

So what the hell is it? I hear you ask

Well, It’s a luxury armoured vehicle (honest) from Canadian-based firm 
Conquest Vehicles, 
These guys specialise in the design and manufacturing of fully armoured, 
ultra-luxurious, handcrafted sport utility vehicles.
 Inspired by the Gurkha military truck and based on the underpinnings of a
 Ford F-350 truck, The vehicle holds 40 gallons of fuel &
it measures just over six metres in length 
and tips the scales at a MASSIVE five-and-a-half tonnes. 
(To say it's big . . . In my eyes, Is an understatement)
Part of the reason for the weight is that the XV 
is built to withstand, well, just about anything. 
Constructed of ballistic hardened steel, ballistic fibreglass 
and six centimetre thick armoured glass,
 it’ll withstand fire from Kalashnikovs, Dragunovs, 
& apparently it can be be shot at for 24hrs non stop
Smash it Mental me thinks, Yeah Baby :D

This monster is currently priced at $310,000 USD. 

Only 100 will be made available as a limited first run & each vehicle 
takes a massive 1,500 hours to build by hand.
It's an ultra-luxurious handcrafted, Bio-fuel powered fully armoured SUV. 

Powered by . . . Get this, 
it's only gone and gotten itself a massive V10, 6.8-litre engine 
and sits on a super duty Ford modified platform chassis. 
It provides 400 hp and 498-ft lbs of torque.

The KNIGHT XV offers interior appointments including 
Wilton Wooluxury carpeting; Andrew Muirhead leather;
6-way electric leather bardroom-style seating;
 Tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades; 
Night vision - Yes . . . you heard right, Night Vision
rear op camera system and Playstation 3 (PS3) - 
Get in!!!!  SOLD :D

Additionally, the KNIGHT XV contains an E-85 Ethanol conversation system

(Flex Fuel) with California emission certification, thereby making it certified

in all 50 States