Monday, 13 February 2012

Hey you guys :))) 
That's Monday nearly over with thank god, 
I hate Mondays :((((

Valentines Day tomorrow, anyone up to anything?
Or are you like me & think it's a total rip off, 
I'd rather do something special next week when everything 
is back to normal price hehe (that's the tight bean in me) ^_^

Anyway back to this somewhat short post,
Yesterday on the UK Top 40 Singles countdown,
This tune was No:1
It's had mixed reviews on it, some love it, some hate it . . .

I'm a lover xD
what do you guys think?????

It's a bit different, got an 80's feel to it, think that's why I like it so much,
 makes me think of a track off the Scream soundtrack,
 'Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds'
so, naturally, I had to go dig it out & have a listen, 
then post some of the tracks below . . . Just Because ^_^

Love Love Love This . . . 



I'm sorry guys hehe
 don't you just love how I get totally carried away, 
start a post about Monday
move on to Valentines day, 
then UK top 40 No:1
then on to Scream with some songs, 
totes random & probs pointless
but hey ho, that's me, still learning lolz
guess that could have been 3 post right there ^____^

C YA :))) x


  1. It's an okay song, the video is kind of better though.

    1. Hehe, see what I mean, it's like marmite, you either love it or hate it :)))) (I hate Marmite too)

  2. Replies
    1. Exactly . . . Hmmmm, lol, not everyone's cup of tea hehe :))

  3. Yeah I agree, Valentines day is a load of crap!

    1. Defo, glad i'm not the only one that thinks so :))

  4. i've been hearing that gotye song everywhere. And whether you personally buy into Valentines day or not, if you have a gf you pretty much have to

    1. Yeah I did too & never knew what it was til they said on the radio this morning & i'm a gf & i've told my man not to buy into it, i'd rather have something later on, it's just such a rip off, totally lost the meaning really, it's all about the money :(((

  5. video is interesting, but the song was really good. I'm sad people are going to get sick of it due to it being overplayed.

    1. I know, seems I find a great tune & after a week or so i'm sick of it, cause it's been totally played out on the radio :(((

  6. Valentines day is something that I usually don't do anything for except for maybe eat chocolate and drink. This year however I get to watch some netflix with a wonderful lady. Too bad she lives hours away...

    Anyways, nice videos!

  7. Nick you're talking

  8. Gonna spend Valentines on the Internet. As usual.

  9. Awesome videos, D.! I'm really liking Gotye's sound, it's a bit 60's/70's/80's, all the good eras! I love how random your posts are, it keeps life exciting! Have a great V-day! :)

  10. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - one of the best acts ever, true story. I'm not really feelin' that first song.

    And, I've tagged you, yay! If you don't do it a horde of flying monkeys will track you down and tickle you for an hour straight in front of your friends and family (the social ridicule of this will be unbearable)And, they'll take all of your money. Here's the link