Sunday, 5 February 2012

More Music to Chillax to . . .

Saucy Sunday!!!

So, as you may or may not know
The boys in Blue did me proud yesterday and won the rugby :)))))
That made this chick very very happy indeed.

Even Happier today cause i'll be seeing my man later
for a somewhat 'smashing' time ^_^

So, Until then, Just thought i'd share some more music with ya

First up is
Ben Howard
This Guy has the most amazing voice
defo one to watch in 2012, that's for sure
Before launching his career as an acoustic singer/songwriter, Ben Howard grew up in South Devon, England, where his mother's collection of folk records helped instill a love for Joni Mitchell, Donovan, & Ritchie Havens. 
He had a big passion for surfing, catching his first wave at 11, while pursuing a journalism degree years later, he moved to Newquay, UK's surfing capital, and received class credit for working at a surfing magazine. He dropped out of school 6 months shy of his graduation & convinced by the response to his songs by the surfing community, decided to ditch the newsroom
 & focus on song writing. The surf community proved to be a massive stepping stone for him, as he found himself playing to packed audiences 
on the beach (What a life) before his career took off.
He finished his debut album, 'Every Kingdom' in autumn 2011 & 
is getting a bigger fan base by the day, i know i'm now one :)

The beach is my favourite place in the world, & I can't think of anything better
than sitting down there, getting the guitar out & playing, it's a feeling of being so free, you just can't explain it . . .
Must dust mine off soon me thinks & get ready for summer 

Enjoy guys ^_^

Next up is 
Mumford & Sons
Inspired by folk, rock, country and bluegrass, the London based 
Mumford and Sons feature singer/guitarist/drummer Marcus Mumford, 
vocalist and banjo/dobro player Winston Marshall, vocalist/keyboardist 
Ben Lovett and vocalist/bassist Ted Dwane.
The foursome started playing together in 2007, though they were playing with other bands at the time, they bonded over their shared love of rootsy music. They quickly became part of London's underground folk scene, which included acts like Laura Marling (Awesome Talent) and Noah and the Whale (another great band) By late Autumn 2007 they were writing songs and playing shows frequently, which then lead to a gig at 2008's Glastonbury Festival. That June, their self-titled debut EP arrived, followed by the 'Love Your Ground' EP that December. May 2009 the 'Cave and the Open Sea' EP was released, and that summer, the single 'Little Lion Man' became the first taste of their new material, it was named 'The Hottest Record in The World This Week' by BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe in July, I have to agree with him there, that's where I first heard it and fell in love with the band . . . The rest is History :)

The energy of this track is
'Tres Excellent' 

Little bit of easy listening for a chillaxed Sunday

Although i think i'll be needing the Loveage album today xD


  1. Congrats on the win! :)

    Great Mumford songs.

    1. Why thanks you kind sir ^_^ & yeah, do love a bit of the Sons

  2. Thanks for the new sounds, good stuff.

  3. Replies
    1. Awww really? Guess I introduced you then, but not everyone's cup of tea :)

  4. i didn't know most of the songs u posted here so thanks for sharing with us. it was nice and relaxing.
    by the way have i told u how much i adore your background setting on the blog? love how magical the universe looks like.

    1. Glad I introduced you then :)))) & it's a standard background on here, great really, cause I love the universe a lot :))))

  5. Replies
    1. Oh yes indeed :)))) Gotta love the sons :))

  6. and boy do i need to chillax ^_^ legs are fucked!! lols

    1. Still??? Did I break you bad hehe xD

  7. I think I'm prepared for some really wild 'chillaxin' times. Thanks!

    1. Wild Chillaxing??? Hehe, normally I have to chilllax after being wild :))) Could be onto something there :)