Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Okie Noodling . . .

Ok peeps, so,
 I saw this on Discovery a few years back & I was hooked 
(pardon the pun hehe)
Given that I go fishing sometimes, to me this seemed like an 
extreme way to do it, but cheap, (cause you don't need any gear) 
but then again you could lose an arm or at best a few fingers, so maybe forking out for a decent rod, reel, line & leads would be in your best interest hehe.

This My Friends . . . Is Okie Noodling

'No Hooks'
'No Bait'
'No Fear'

Ok, So, basically it involves, guys . . . And girls, wading around in murky water
sticking their hands (well, up their armpits really, truth be told) into dark holes,  hoping that a 30lbs (14kg) plus, catfish will latch on.
They do this for the sheer excitement of it all, and watching them do it, I can kinda understand why :)
It's a method that has been used for hundreds & hundreds of years.
You just have to be careful that it doesn't pull you under the water, cause you'll drown, catfish are extremely strong & if they get a hold you're f**ked

I think i'd like to have a go, what about you guys???


  1. Crazy sport, very cool.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog... appreciated.

  2. Didn't Gordon Ramsey do this on the F Word once? It was kind of crazy.

  3. Jebus that is terrifying. Those fish are huge.

  4. wow,, excellent. following this blog now,, love it !!

  5. People do that here in Tx, with the alligator gars, cotton mouths, and the occasional real gator there's no way I could do this.

  6. Haha looks awesome. I'm tired of shopping for fish anyway. Better go pull it out of the water. Literally!

  7. I've been fishing three times in my life. It's all bad.