Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Little Q & A Session . . .

Hey, that's Monday over Thank F**K ^_^
Still feeling pretty shite :((( 
So just a little post tonight, what's that I hear you all say
'Thank God' No mega reading for a change, 
Well you could say that, seeing as I'm not 100%, 
i'm gonna make you guys do the hard work hehe :)))) x

Just a little Q & A sesh for fun, totally random, 
my mate sent me some of these in an email, 
so I thought i'd try em on you guys xD

1) If you could be a superhero, who would it be?

2) If you woke up one day and found that you have become invisible, 
what is the first thing that you would do?

3) If you were marooned on an island with just one person, 
who would you want it to be?

4) If you could do anything OR wish for anything that would come true, 

what would you wish? 

5) What was the last movie you watched?

6) If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

7) Do you have any strange phobias?

8) What's your Favourite Car?

9) What do you want to be when you grow up?

& Finally . . . Just because . . . 

10) Tits or Arse, or both? hehe ^_^


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  2. Proofreading is for chumps.

    1. Don't want that kind of stress pass.
    2. very dirty things, for about 6 or so months then I would start to get concerned about returning to normal
    3. my wife
    4. that's a lot for a first q&a, let's just say it's very complicated
    5. super troopers, my wife had never seen it.
    6. an island
    7. nope
    8. don't have one
    9. an electrical engineer.
    10. always both, I'm a whole package kinda guy

    1. Cool answers there, cam't believe you don't wanna be a superhero though :(

  3. Wolverine
    Rob a bank
    The person who could build a raft and get me off
    Ummm first guess, win the lottery
    I'd think before buying, then prob buy a house I guess
    Not that I'm aware off
    Dont have one
    Do I have to grow up?
    Both of course

    1. Wolverine is great, nice choice & no you don't have to grow up, ever hehe :)

  4. I'm already part Wolverine!!! hehehe

    Freak out and not be happy at all lol

    Ohhh soo hard, ummm...I'll get back to you. I fawn over too many men...ok fine, Aaron Hernandez!! haha

    I'd wish that my Godson to grow up happy and live a healthy life


    Sooo many things. I would buy thousands of trips to explore the entire world!


    VW New Beetle!

    Writer for Glamour Magazine OR to educate different cultures on other cultures in the UN


    1. Part wolverine hey, nice :) & GREAT choice for the island ^_^ wouldn't mind that either hehe, great answers there, some real good ones :)

  5. 1. Stupendous Man from the Calvin and Hobbes series

    After I become a superhero, I wouldn't have time to finish answering this survey.

    1. Cali=vin and Hobbes series??? Never seen this, will have to check it out & nice finish there too lol :)

  6. 1. I'm already a superhero. My superpower is the ability to shoot lasers out me tits.
    2. I would fill my neighbors lawn with garden gnomes (I hate her).
    3. Bruce Willis.
    4. I'd bring John Bonham back from the grave.
    5. Akrira Kurasawa's "Dreams"
    6. I'd build my own studio and buy one more drum kit and 4 different sets of cymbals to swap out whenever I want a different sound. And then I'd build a house to go with it. And then I'd travel and build homes for myself in different countries and have studios in each one of them.
    7.Clowns scare the shite out of me!
    8. Aston Martin!
    9. I'm me and that's all I really want to be.
    10. Arse!!
    9. Arse!!

    1. Oh Anne, you have me lol'ing big time here, lasers out your tits, I want some, in fact, every girl should have them xD the gnomes is great, especially since you hate her, John Bonham would be great too, even if just for one day :) & i'm taking it you like arses??? Yeah xD

  7. Okay, I effed that up!!I guess I really like arses!

  8. This last week/weekend have been a total fuck up! Say no more! I think I'm going to blog these questions, if you don't mind, so I will have something decent to post! Missed you. :)

    1. Post away huni, i'll pop over and check it out hehe & hope you're ok, missed you too ^_^

  9. 1) Time-Stopping man. Because the possibilities are Endless!

    2) Given that I'm invisible I'd aquire a visible partner, like my female friend. I'd rob banks, she'd launder the money and handle everything like bank deposits etc. where I can't go in person, since I'm invisible. We'd buy a mantion and live happily ever after. Whenever we're home alone I could apply mascara to make myself visible again.

    3) My best friend.

    4) Cash-Money.

    5) Dancer in the Dark

    6) An appartment in New York, Paris and Tokyo, a house on the Cote d'Azure, and a truckload of roses for Bjork.

    7) I'm terrified of stupid people.

    8) Probably a family sized Citroen.

    9) Wealthy enough to not have to work.

    & Finally . . . Just because . . .

    10) Arse, definitely, with the matching hips and just a handful of tits.

  10. Awww some nice answers here, loving the mascara to become visible again,liking the aprtments though, i'd like a warehouse conversion in NY or ranch with loads of mustangs in the middle of nowhere hehe, roses for bjork too ahhhhhh lol. you certainly know what you like too hey :)

    The rest i snot important... XD

    1. Loooool, take it you like arses then . . . ;)

  12. 1) I think I am going to be lame and just say Superman :P

    2) Spy on people, of course! :D

    3) That is hard. I think I am going to have to say my gf. She is the person I feel most familiar with.

    4) Take away hunger from the world

    5) Xin shao lin si, good film with Jackie Chan

    6) A HOUSE

    7) Nope, nothing I can think of.

    8) Audi, definitely

    9) I am not grown up yet? :P Oh well, I guess I just want to be successful, so don't have to worry about money and be happy what I am doing

    10) I definitely thought of this question the most. It's gotta be arse :)

    1. Awww, nice answers :) Never seen that Jackie Chan flick & I like him, will have to check it out & i'd hope none of us are really grown up yet, cause that would be boring & the last question is a toughy, it needs a lot of thought hehe ;)

  13. 1) I would prefer to be a villain, enslave the world and stuff :P

    2) Continuously piss people off

    3) probably my girlfriend

    4) Having the worlds greatest rock voice in the worlds greatest band

    5) Four lions

    6) A house and a car (shame i cant drive)

    7) FROGS

    8) Masda RX8

    9) No idea

    10) Both :P

    1. Yeah, i like the villain idea, nice one, greatest rock voice, liking that too hehe and as for the cars, i'm right with ya on that, I want a garage with an original '67' AC Cobra & an Original '67' Shelby GT 500, not a lot to ask for since an original AC will set you back over a million AND I can't drive either loool, (well, I can, I just don't have a license) . . . Frogs??? Bless ^_^

    2. Haha villainy is always the way ;)

      That sounds like a pretty insane garage!

      And yes, frogs are freakin' horrible and scary!

  14. 1) Ironman
    2) Plant false evidence for a global alien conspiracy...and then leak it to the press
    3) Heather Graham
    4) World Peace Man!
    5) Captain America - not the best
    6) A Flat in Munich for the Oktoberfest, A house in Pilton for Glastonbury and a villa in Valencia for the Tomato Festival and Grand Prix
    7) Horses...having been thrown off, kicked and bitten by too many of them
    8) AC Cobra, VW Camper-van
    9) Immature
    10) Arse

    1. Ironman, cool, good choice & love the global alien conspiracy hehe, never heard of the tomato festival, gonna have to check that out & horses . . . Really . . . I love them, 2nd fav animal lol & i've been thrown off and kicked and bitten a lot too, the feeling of riding along the beach in the sea, just awesome :)
      AC Cobra . . . Good Man, BEST car in the WORLD . . .

  15. 1-Spiderman
    2- sit secretly in on who wants to be a millionaire and whisper the answers to the contestant
    3 - you
    4 - Being super super smart
    5 - 3 musketeers :D
    6 - a new comp
    7 - doing work
    8 - ac cobra
    9 - a tree
    10 - arse

    1. Good choice on spiderman xD & millionaires good too, everyone immediately thinks dirty hehe (I know i did) Don't know if you could handle me stuck on island though looool, 3 Musketeers????? I bed to differ,I do believe one fell asleep, i watched it all hehe, Very good choice on the AC Cobra too, a man after my own heart ^_^ arse . . . Really ????? M.I.D.A.S . . . Again xD