Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hitachi Magic Wand . . . My BEST gift from my Great guy ;)

Ok Girls . . . It's true what they say . . . This bad boy, truly is THE Cadillac of vibrators! (Although it's not supposed to be used as one, it was & is designed for muscular pain relief) But us girls being girls have become very creative & found other, somewhat magical (Pardon the pun) uses for this kinda scary looking weapon of mass destruction. 
Another great thing about this is that it runs on electricity, YEE HAA, no more batteries running out at the crucial point, this beauty plugs straight into the mains and has 2 speed settings - High and Low. 
It appears that most people never use the 'High' setting as low is stimulating enough for them, (personally i've had it on high, well my fella cranked it up & that resulted in me screaming . . . quite literally . . . screaming . . . Good times)
The head is made of a spongy white material which is about 3.5 inches in diameter and vibrates at a very high speed. 
This is not one of those vibrators you can insert into your hidey hole (well, you can if you like, I've seen it done, but there attachments you can buy for it, for that specific reason, in case the idea scares you, the head is quite big) I'm not even sure if it would be safe as it runs on electricity. Most people use it around the pubic area, especially the clitoris for a totally mind blowing experience, It can be used with a towel if the vibrations are too intense, basically test drive it, find out what suits you. 
The attachments I mentioned before turn this vibrator into a number of other toys, as you can actually insert them into your hidey hole. So much better to be able to pinpoint your pleasure zones! 

Some people find this 'wand' a tad expensive but if you weigh up the cost of batteries, it is a very good buy, also if you don't like the idea of a mains powered one, they do stock a battery operated one too, each to their own girlies.

Hope this had inspired some of you to get out there and purchase one, take it from me, it'll be the very last Vibrator you buy, cause in my opinion, there is nothing quite like on the market . . . Or is there??????

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