Monday, 9 January 2012

The Moon and Jupiter

Couple of pics of the moon and Jupiter,
 taken from my garden, totally awesome, 
I love the fact that we can see Jupiter with the naked eye,
So if you haven't been out and had a look, I suggest you do so, 
It's quite something :)

Jupiter takes about 12 years to go around the Sun, 
while the Earth only takes one. 

The list below gives some the best times during January
 to observe the Great Red Spot which should then 
lie close to the central meridian of the planet.  
2nd   22:30       21st 23:15

5th   20:00       22nd 19:07
7th   21:39       24th 20:46
10th 19:09       26th 22:25
14th 22:27       29th 19:55
17th 19:57       31st 21:34
19th 21:36

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