Friday, 20 January 2012

Britain's Got Talent winner is off to Space . . .

Well that time is upon again people
Frisky Friday ^_^
No work til Monday and gotta say it feels great xD
On the subject of work, it was boring as F**k today, nothing to do (well, thanks to the chat I had with my fella at lunchtime, I could think of a few, but they can't be done at work hehe . . . & that my Friends, is for another time, sorry I do get somewhat distracted, 1 track mind looool ^_^) 
So I started to read the paper, came across a story & it goes something like this

Cowell Promises BGT Champ a Blast
And the winner is . . . Going into Space

Yeah That's right, apparently Mr Cowell is teaming up with Sir Richard Branson
who is sponsoring the show & coughing up tens of millions for the dream prize.
Cowell has already booked himself a seat on Sir Richard's new venture 
Virgin Galactic, which will offer mega rich Brits a seat to the stars on
 Branson's aircraft.
He is keen for the BGT winner to join him 
(Say WHAT, is that lucky . . . That's more than lucky)
He loves the idea that if they're up for it (Who wouldn't be)
they can perform in space.
It's tens of millions but Branson is genuinely up for it, Cowell swears to god, on his mothers life, & says not to worry, it will happen, there are a lot of details that have to be reviewed, all according on the act that wins.

What do you guys think, if you won, 
would you go????

Cause this has now left me thinking . . . 
'What's my best talent & can I perfect it to get a place on the show and WIN'
Cause I want that ticket . . . BIG TIME hehe :))))


  1. I'd go to never return here!!

  2. Not sure I would, I kinda like it down here :D

    1. Really?? doesn't it intrigue you to go up and have a look see, just think how amazing it would be to look down on earth :)))) Times like this I wish I was a millionaire hehe

  3. Yea I would I agree I'd love to leave and find something new!

  4. Its literally a once in a life time opportunity.

  5. lets go to space ;) Sky rocket at night, afternoon delight ;p

    1. Awwww . . . Ron Burgundy . . . Is that You . . .

  6. That would be an incredible prize to win!

    +1 follower

    1. I think that has to be THE best prize to win EVER . . . Cheers for the follow, will return it :)

  7. Replies
    1. Excellent prize . . . Shit show you're right, but I do quite like watching all the bad auditions hehe :)

  8. Replies
    1. Tell me about it, I think i'd have died and gone to heaven . . . Quite literally hehe

  9. Bet the view from the top is spectacular! I'd sure love to see it! Hope you have a wicked weekend with the man! :)

    1. Yeah, can you imagine the view, awesome or what :))) & cheers, i'm sure I will :D hope you have a great weekend too