Monday, 30 January 2012

69 Followers ^_^

Hey Hey
Just a short one today . . .
I've been a blogger since the start of January 
& have to say i like it . . . A lot hehe,
Sorry for the randomness of my posts lol, 
everything & nothing . . . but I guess that's just me ^_^ 

So You Sexy Bunch

I thought i'd celebrate the fact that i've got 69 . . . Yes 69 followers
Now, I know you only do this normally when you hit the 100's
but since 69 is one of my favourite numbers ;))) 
I felt it somewhat necessary hehe

Here's some celebratory tottie for the guys & girls out there,
Oh & a couple of cars hehe, cause it's a celebration & I love them

Here's to more Randomness ^_^

Happy Monday xD

Love This movie & she's soooo fit
Hats off to Jessica Alba

Lastly . . . Check out this Bike . . . Looks Mint


  1. Congrats on 69, a number I am fond of too.

  2. My my Dani, you certainly deliver! Very nice indeed! How's this for a bit o' eye candy?

    Phwoarrrrr! :)

  3. way to go. lucky minx you seem to rack up followers faster than I do. Must be some kind of gender disparity.

  4. favourite number

  5. Nothing wrong with being random. Anything else would be boring.