Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kill Bill Part 1

Hey you guys, Happy Sunday ^_^
Thought i'd do another movie since it's that day, yes,
 the end of the weekend :( & i'm having a total duvet day :)))))
The one and only
Kill Bill

It's an astonishing action packed thriller about brutal betrayal
 and an EPIC vendetta.
4 years after taking a bullet in the head at her own wedding, 'The Bride' (Uma Thurman) comes out of a coma and decides its time for PAYBACK . . . With a vengeance. 
Having been gunned down by her former Boss/Lover Bill (David Carradine) and his deadly squad of international assassins, which she was a part of, but on deciding to leave & settle down & start a family, that kinda went tits up and they did her in, (Not a good move on their part, I can tell you)
The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad was made up of The Bride, Bill and 
'O-Ren Ishii' (Lucy Lui), 'Vernita Green' (Vivica A Fox), 'Elle Driver' (Daryl Hannah) & Budd (Michael Madsen) it's a kill or be killed fight that she didn't start, but is very determined to finish.

This film is loaded with action and humour, the fights scenes are totally amazeballs, & if you are a fan of 70's martial arts movies (the Best) then this film is for you, it's great to see all the references & some say it is a bit far fetched, but that's Tarantino for ya, Director of films on an epic scale.
This is a must see film if you haven't, if you have, what did you think???

Here's a few snippets & some of the soundtrack

One of the best scenes from the film
I want a Hattori Hanzo Sword hehe
true workmanship in that bad boy

This track is
What slow motion is all about :)

Gotta Love a bit Issac ^_^

So guys, if you've seen this flick, watch it again . . . 
If you haven't, go get it and watch it
One of Tarantinos best flicks


  1. Jesus woman, you blog at a rate of knots! It's impressive!

    I enjoyed the first part more than the second. I don't enjoy all Tarantino's films, but this one was great! Uma worked like a motha-bitch! Also, lovely David Carradine! Pity he, too, is no longer with us! :)

    1. Haha, but it's all just random stuff though & i'm kinda bored today so thought i'd whack a few out :)
      I love both of them too, very hard decision hey & much respect to Uma.

  2. Amazing movies, everything about them. Can't say which one I like better though.

    1. I think the 2nd one just beats the first one for me, but it's very close cause they both amazing

  3. Never actually watched this before.

    1. Seriously . . . You need to get on the download on now :))))

  4. Never watched or had an urge to.

  5. loved this one spesh the fight at the end