Thursday, 12 January 2012

My vehicle of choice when the Zombie apocalypse comes ^_^ Hands up for the XV

So, I was having a clear up on my mac
 files, videos, music, photos etc
& I came across this, totally forgot I had it, 
but had to share :) 

This Wee beauty . . . Or should I say Big Beasty is known as the Knight XV :)
Take a look below at it alongside the Hummer H2. 
Now, the H2 ain't no small car, it is in fact, quite a big motor,
but it looks tiny, miniscule, laughably petite next to the XV. 
This is big . . . Real Big

Now i'll introduce you guys 

Conquest Knight XV

So what the hell is it? I hear you ask

Well, It’s a luxury armoured vehicle (honest) from Canadian-based firm 
Conquest Vehicles, 
These guys specialise in the design and manufacturing of fully armoured, 
ultra-luxurious, handcrafted sport utility vehicles.
 Inspired by the Gurkha military truck and based on the underpinnings of a
 Ford F-350 truck, The vehicle holds 40 gallons of fuel &
it measures just over six metres in length 
and tips the scales at a MASSIVE five-and-a-half tonnes. 
(To say it's big . . . In my eyes, Is an understatement)
Part of the reason for the weight is that the XV 
is built to withstand, well, just about anything. 
Constructed of ballistic hardened steel, ballistic fibreglass 
and six centimetre thick armoured glass,
 it’ll withstand fire from Kalashnikovs, Dragunovs, 
& apparently it can be be shot at for 24hrs non stop
Smash it Mental me thinks, Yeah Baby :D

This monster is currently priced at $310,000 USD. 

Only 100 will be made available as a limited first run & each vehicle 
takes a massive 1,500 hours to build by hand.
It's an ultra-luxurious handcrafted, Bio-fuel powered fully armoured SUV. 

Powered by . . . Get this, 
it's only gone and gotten itself a massive V10, 6.8-litre engine 
and sits on a super duty Ford modified platform chassis. 
It provides 400 hp and 498-ft lbs of torque.

The KNIGHT XV offers interior appointments including 
Wilton Wooluxury carpeting; Andrew Muirhead leather;
6-way electric leather bardroom-style seating;
 Tandem sunroof glass with privacy shades; 
Night vision - Yes . . . you heard right, Night Vision
rear op camera system and Playstation 3 (PS3) - 
Get in!!!!  SOLD :D

Additionally, the KNIGHT XV contains an E-85 Ethanol conversation system

(Flex Fuel) with California emission certification, thereby making it certified

in all 50 States


  1. wow That's a big car and a PS3? I'll take it

  2. Well nutz hey, I just wanna sit in it for 24hrs while someone shoots the hell out of it lol,

    $300,000 . . . I'll have 2 thanks . . . 1 in Black and 1 in Gun Metal grey :D

  3. that automobile is way too intense for me!

    1. But, but you gotta admit, it's looks like it could be fun :)

  4. Lots of room for fooling around ^_^ SOLD

    1. Hehe, fooling around, I like that . . . a lot, Cause a girl needs loads of room to fool around ;)

  5. All this zombie apocalypse talk scares the crap outta me :( lol

    1. Awwww :(, i'm not a massive fan of the idea either hehe, but a girls gotta be prepared hey lol

  6. I first saw it on Top Gear. As it is made in Canada, Jeremey Clarkson, at least I think it was Clarkson, pointed out a valid question: what ever happens in Canada that would make somebody shoot at somebody for 24 hours?
    And the other two added, when somebody is shooting at you, don´t you just drive off? and when you are shooting at somebody don`t you liek get bored after 4 hours or so?
    Anyways, this one badass machine. And I like your blog. Folllowing!

    1. Yeah, that's where I saw it too, & it was Clarkson that said it could withstand being shot at for 24 hours & the other did say you'd drive away, I wouldn't, i'd love to sit in it when it's being shot at, jut cause you can haha :)
      Cheers for the follow too, returned on your blog ^_^

  7. Holy shit I want this. It's HUGE

    1. She's a beast hey, I want this too . . . Maybe one day, although I doubt it'd fit on our roads over here, bit too big :(((