Friday, 27 January 2012

Stanton Warriors . . . Yeah Baby!!!!

Hey Hey Hey peeps
It's Frisky Friday, 
(Which is my music day of the week)
Home, work gear off, tunes on, whack it up & Dance like no one is watching
& for that reason, I thought I'd introduce you to the 
Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors are the breakbeat duo Dominic Butler and Mark Yardley.
They are a DJ and producer team, Originally from the west country, the pair now play sets in nightclubs such as Fabric (LOVE) and Ciros in the UK, and 
also travel the globe with international work in Europe, North America, 
Asia and Australia.
(gotta say, what a job hey guys, travelling the world, DJ'ing to thousands of people & totally . . . Loving it . . . Loving it . . . Loving it!!!!

Their name was taken from a hexagonal shaped manhole cover, made by Stanton Ironworks, which is based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire which seemed fitting with their style of underground, cutting edge music.

The name is also a reference to Stanton DJ products.

I love these guys so much, the beats, their remixes, just can't get enough :)

They've played a big part in the music side of my life, when the beat starts,
Just makes me wanna jump up & dance (So I normally do hehe)

Here's a couple of their tracks ^_^

Here's a couple of remixes they've done :)


  1. hahaahah, you threw me off for a second. I live in a different time zone then you do, that is why you are saying it is friday, while it is still thurday where I am . how very very mind melting. Thanks for that. and stanton warriors is a fancy band name, hope the music lives up to the name.

    1. Hehehe, that is quite mad hey, never really got my head round all that, days apart & yeah they defo live up to the name, they are brill :))

  2. Never heard of these guys before, they got some cool music!

    1. It is, great pair they are, magic things happens when you team a DJ & a Producer :))

  3. Glad you like them. I liked the picture of Domo there.

    1. I do like them yeah & glad you liked the pic

  4. Never heard of these before - so cheers for the intro... amazing sound