Friday, 27 January 2012

RIP . . . Slacker . . .

My first post today is a little tribute to Shem McCauley aka Slacker.

The Veteran DJ-Producer passed away sadly in 
Bangkok, Thailand over the weekend.

He was regarded as one of the foremost champions of what we call the progressive sound (My Fav) in the UK & was the man behind a whole list of standout records over the years (& by records, I mean records, none of this cd mixer shit, Vinyl all the way baby . . . there's no sound quite like it)

In the early days of his career, he was a key player in the UK hip hop scratch scene as DJ Streets Ahead, ticking off remix and production credits for the likes of Public Enemy & James Brown.

His first big jump into the progressive house world was with his third single Scared (This is a mighty tune, had it on vinyl a long long time ago) & there was to be nothing Slack about the years that followed, His own Jukebox in the sky imprint became a flag-bearer for the progressive sound & his records got seriously hammered by the whole broad range of top DJs.

RIP . . . To a Progressive legend :((((

My 2 Favs ^_^

Was great listening to them again, it's been far too long
totally took me back to the day :)