Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hitachi Magic Attachments

As I mentioned below, here are a few attachments for the wand, just simply fit it over the head & away you go, to be used inside your lady garden . . . Or out, however you like it . . . 

And this one below for the more adventurous girlie hehe . . . 

This Little beauty below looks absolutely amazing, 
it's called 'The Vibrator Buddy' and to me,
it appears to be the perfect comapanion to the Hitachi Magic Wand.
It's a ride on vibrating massager 
(cause remember girlies, that's what it is really) it allows you a hands-free
experience, which I would imagine is THE best you can get.
I will for sure, be purchasing one of these, so full review to follow.


  1. Awesome! I love hearing about the "toys" woman use! This subject fasinates me a lot!