Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Hey Peeps :)
Thought today i'd blog about another passion of mine . . . 
Fighting (I don't mean i go out & start fights or look for them looool) 
it's boxing, martial arts, UFC etc . . .

But First things first, I think i've managed to turn off the word verification thingy, so be some awfully good peeps & let me know will ya :))))

Ok, so now for the good stuff xD
Today's topic is . . . K1

Don't know if any of you guys have seen it before, but it's Amazeballs hehe

Right, so basically, K-1 is a world-wide kickboxing promotion based in Tokyo, Japan, it's founded by Kazuyoshi Ishii, a former Kyokushin karate practitioner. 
It combines stand up techniques from Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo, Savate, San Shou, kickboxing, western-style boxing, and any other martial arts. 
The rules are similar to those of kickboxing but they have been simplified to promote exciting matches that may end in a knockout win. The main difference between K-1 rules and kickboxing is the use of knees, it's allowed in K-1 but not in International kickboxing.
The letter K in K-1 is officially designated by the organisation as a representation of words karate, kickboxing and kung fu.
The World Grand Prix, also known as the K-1 World GP, is an elimination kickboxing tournament (It's the best part) that has been held annually since 1993 by the K-1 organization. Each year, it holds various 16-men, 8-match grand prix style tournaments throughout the world to determine which 16 fighters will compete in the World GP. This tournament has had seven different winners with Ernesto Hoost and Semmy Schilt each winning four times.
That's the interesting part over & done with, now for some clips of some my fav fighters in action, just click away at the link :)))))))))

Ernesto Hoost

(Aka 'Mr Perfect')
Total Fights = 119
Total Wins = 97
Win by knockout = 62
Losses = 21
Draws = 1

Remy Bonjasky

(Aka 'The Flying Gentleman')
 Total Fights = 89
Total Wins = 75

Win by knockout =40
Losses = 14

Peter Aerts

(Aka 'The Dutch Lumberjack')
Total Fights = 132
Total Wins = 103
Win by knockout = 78
Losses = 28
Draws = 1

Jérôme Le Banner

Total Fights =  95
Total Wins = 73
Win by knockout = 59
Losses = 20

I just find it totally awesome how high these guys can get their kicks, TKO to the neck & your OUT!!! Love it . . . when I was doing Kickboxing I could only get mine at shoulder height, (my shoulders that is) but practice makes perfect as they say :)))) Must take it up again soon, miss it & need to get rid of the effects of Christmas loooool.

What can I say
'I'm a girl who gets my kicks outta kicks'
Enjoy Guys x 


  1. I like fights, too. :D

  2. The amount of fights is insane. Hope these dudes will be able to tie their shoes 20 years from now.

  3. Chers for the comments guys, & I know what you mean about about the amount of fights, back to back they must be knackered by the end of it hey.

    & not quite sure what's going on with my layout either, it looked fine before and now it's gone tits up . . . i'll get the hang of it all one day :/ lol

  4. Amazing, and everyone seem to have around 100 fights. Loved the highlights videos you posted too really cool.

    1. Great hey, Remy's right foot is just something else hehe

  5. My favorites are definately UFC fights I prefer that over regular boxing.

    1. Yeah, there's more going on I think, bit more exciting to watch, but I love them all, think K1 is my fav though, little bit of everything & the endurance is mental

  6. never cared for fighting, it's interesting to see their determination but I don't think it's valuable in society anymore.

    1. I've got a mate that doesn't like it too, each to their own though hey :)

  7. Would have been really awesome if you meant actual "street" fights :P

    1. Looool, i'm sure that could be another blog :)))

  8. Replies
    1. No problem, you're welcome & it's bedtime for me now hehe, enjoy your day & i'll enjoy my sleep :)

  9. There was a Japanese kid at my college that did this.

    1. Wow, i'd be sat buzzing off him at lunch :)

  10. GSP http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georges_St-Pierre hit like a truck

  11. it would be interesting to see em all fight each other haha !

  12. That an interesting thing for a girl to like. But yeah, marital arts are great.

    1. Hehe, Nice, well i'm a girl that's into fighting, cars, bikes & tattoos lol, not really a girly girl xD

  13. Kick boxing is an amazing skill. These boys work super hard to be super hard!

    I must say, I'm more of a martial arts gal, really. You know, the non competative kinds that teach you how to break a wrist, using your opponents own weight and in such a way that it will never be of use ever again! I'm not violent, I just believe in getting the job done! Hee-hee!
    Kick boxing is popular here as is capoeira. Brazilian fighting is beautiful to watch! :)

  14. Yeah, Super Hard, & that they are!
    I like the martial arts side too, all about control, not just going hell for leather on someone.
    When I was younger my dad taught me all the pressure points & how to take people out with minimum effort hehe, (total daddies girl I am, and he did iy purely for self defence purposes) can't say i've ever used it, but one day i'd like to put it to the test :))

    I'll be sure to go check out capoeira, never heard of that before, thanks :)