Thursday, 19 January 2012

Music is my religion.

Righty Ho, let's talk about another Passion of mine
When It comes to music, i'm very versatile & I can't get enough, 
I need my Ipod on to walk to the shop down the road, 
it takes, like, 2 mins hehehe
Today i'm focusing on 'The Rock Chick' in me
I have a Very BIG love of the guitar
Here's a few of my all time Fav's, it of a mixed bag & don't know if you'd class all of them as rock, but I like them hehe
Feel free to let me know yours 
& enjoy ^_^ x

We'll start with some oldies first ^_^

Ok, I know some of you may find this a bit cheesy maybe, but i loved this as a teenager :))) Hats off to the 1 armed drummer too, that's talent 

Going . . . Down ;)

Big love for this one, especially the guitar

My dad used to listen to this a lot, reminds me of him ^_^
Awesome :)))

I know it's the acoustic version, but I love it!! xD
Hope you like them, still working on it, will post some more soon xD


  1. Great classics here. Its bout time I diversify my music tastes. Lol

  2. Well we have same teste for music. Some big Songs there!

  3. all along the watchtower by jimi is magical, the guess who and so many other good bands :)
    you've got good taste in music,!

  4. oh thank you there, you've just made my night!!

  5. decent old school going on here.

  6. Fucking far out! Rock on, sister!

    When people ask me what music I like, I tell them to rather ask me what I don't like, because it will be a much shorter list! One of my guilty pleasures is 70's prog. rock! Can't get enough of:

    Hell, yeah! :)

  7. Awesome songs! Haven't heard of all of them myself, but the ones I have heard are of are just amazing. Kind of makes me sad that I haven't been listening to them much.

  8. Oh, and definitely following so I can see more posts like this one. :D

  9. there is nothing better than great music to lift you up when you down.

  10. Cheers you guys, totally loving all the love you got (hehe) for these songs & more ^_^